Some do’s & don’ts on newborn care and their safety

Some do’s and don’ts on newborn care and their safety

Suppose this is your first baby, you might be worried about their safety and care. You might not be ready to take care of your newborn. But you are not alone feeling the same. Many new parents feel uncomfortable, fearful, and unprepared when it is the time to bring their new babies home from the hospital. You need to take a few steps to get ready for the movement.

Check out a few things and learn during pregnancy to get prepared for the real thing. But feeding or diapering the baby is not the same. During hospital durations, ensure to ask nurses for help with the fundamental baby care. Never hesitate to ask anything to your nurse to show you how to do anything you don't know. Practice makes you more perfect - keep in mind.

Some things you need to learn during newborn care -

  • Handing your baby with giving support to the neck of the baby
  • Changing the diaper of your baby
  • Baby bath
  • Baby dressing
  • Baby swaddling
  • Baby feeding and burping
  • Cleaning their cord

And so on.

Also, never forget to check out baby soothing. Before leaving your hospital, ask about home visits by a nurse or any other hospital care worker. Several newborn parents experience difficulties in the beginning while caring for the born baby.

Explore some do’s and don’ts for newborn care

Many of the first-time parents welcome their new members of the family with a huge party. Having any support person to stay with you for a few days can give you a lot of confidence to care for your baby. But try to arrange that support before your delivery.

Your first visit to the doctor is the time to ask any questions about your infant care. Ask various reasons to call your doctor. Also, ask about different vaccines that are the need of your infant. Newborns and young children require vaccines for the protection against few diseases and common ones like flu.

It is ok for a few mothers to struggle with breastfeeding and understand what is feeding. Doctors suggest nursing the baby in just one hour of birth and continue as often as it is possible. Milk production in the beginning few days is colostrum helping to excrete the excess bilirubin and acts as a laxative.

Do not worry if you are not able to breastfeed in one hour of delivery. Give yourself some time and get one chance for the baby to master latching. Take the help of elders from your family or experts.